Recently, WD residents received a bulk mailing flyer regarding the upcoming fun day this month. How much did this cost in using the USPS rather than utilizing email addresses, social media?


Take in account that WD has six zip codes for the approx. 9000 homes. (2010 Census). Bulk mailing, if delivered to the 6 zip codes, eventually over 20,000 non-West Deptford addresses would receive this mailing.

Note, there may be a savings of using bulk mailing rather than mailing to each WD address. But does this administration look at overall cost savings, using the cheaper internet rather than USPS?

The savings of mailings could be appropriated to offset the total cost of Fun Day, which is included in your taxes.

Your money, your taxes

6 zip codes:
08051- Mantua, West Deptford
08063-Natl Park, West Deptford
08066-Paulsboro, West Deptford
08086-Thorofare, West Deptford
08093-Westville, West Deptford
08096-Woodbury, Deptford, West Deptford


COST CUTTING- Good Fiscal Control of Your Tax Money

In Comparison
In 2012, the Republican controlled government eliminated the mailing of the Township calendar, saving over $12,000 per year.


Local Municipal Taxes Increase by 6.5% this year, while we saw a 4.2% last year. That’s over 10% increase in last two years of Dem control of our township.

Questions you have to honestly ask yourself:
-Can you afford that increase?
-Did your income increase by 6% this year, or 10% in the last 2 years?
-Do you feel the township committee and their control of the town’s expenses is appropriate and justified?
-What happen to the Mayor DiCarlo’s declaration of medical benefit savings, the savings taking over National Park police service? Where are those savings?

Can you afford another 4-6% rise in local taxes in 2017?
Democrat control of our local government potentially means a 6% increase in taxes. Look at chart of committee control

Remember: YOU DECIDE


Twp Cmte Control-2016 Twp Cmte Control-2016


Water is our most precious, natural resource.

West Deptford Twp., along with our NJDEP, and local petrochemical company, Solvay, are proceeding in a manner to our current PFNA contaminated wells, similar to a popular commercial that talks about monitoring rather than fixing a problem.

Starting last week another monitoring well is being drilled, this time in the Rolling Brook Farms development. Yet, at the same time, wells #3 and #8 remain closed due to PFNA contamination. Well #8 is a large supplier of water to our community, especially in the southern end of town.

It is interesting the yearly WATER QUALITY REPORT recently mailed to all property owners in WD indicates an increase of water (3%) supplied by NJ American Water, of which we pay additional amount for the source.

WATER QUALITY RPTwell drilling


Let’s hope that our town leaders, elected, appointed, and volunteered, carefully watch over our youth sports programs, vet all coaches and volunteers, protect our youth from predators, and take appropriate action when theft of services, such as what happened in Point Pleasant Beach, occurs. Be vigilant, West Deptford. If it’s wrong, it is wrong, with consequences. Our sports programs should teach our children between what is right and wrong, besides good sportsmanship, team building, etc.



wd-education-costs2Where Your Taxes Go

47% of your property taxes go to the West Deptford Township school system. Yet, much of the dismay of rising taxes is directed toward the local and county taxes. Much of the misdirected fervor of increased taxes from the school costs generally is the public view on the importance of a “good” education for our children, and the cost is secondary. Overall, Minority Report agrees that education is the key to one’s success.

But, are we getting the best bang for our buck? Recently, many residents have stated that the quality of education in West Deptford has declined in the last several years. Our school rankings, as posted on the SJ Times in 2015, indicate West Deptford’s ranking in the State’s School Performance Reports.

And, in the recent WD Patch article, the median salary for a WD teacher is ranked #70 in the state, at $73,299, while Haddonfield, a town that WD is compared with on a frequent basis on the quality of education, is ranked #469 for median salary at $56,837. Haddonfield has a higher percentage of graduates at 96% compared to 91% for WD.

wd education costseducation cost 2







How Much of Our Taxes Go to Paying Debt Service?

How Much of Our Taxes Go to Paying Debt Service?

Recently, a concerned resident submitted the following to the MR.

Attached is a description of how much of our local tax revenue goes to debt. Debt service is approximate one third of our budget but almost half of our taxes go to repaying it off, if one excludes other forms of revenue into the township general fund. Fortunately, we have other revenue to offset all costs within the budget.


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