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Mark Cimino Confirmed as Judge Cimino NJ Tax Court

Mark Cimino now Judge Cimino NJ Tax Court

NJ Senate advised and consented on Governor Christie’s nomination of Mark Cimino to the Tax Court as of 6/25/15.
(see page 4 of Senate Nominations)…/SenateNominations.asp

Sometimes, how one judges others is how we should judge that person first and how they perceive integrity, in the case of Cimino, judicial ability and qualifications, and overall character etc.

Case in point, in 2014, as Committeewoman, Mayor DiCarlo stated claims that Mark Cimino, as the Township’s Redevelopment Counsel, “misled the committee” (…/west_deptford_committeewoman_denice_dic…) and was “less credible” in the litigation against Fulton Bank (…/democrats-riverwinds-accusations-based-o…) regarding the funding of the golf course.

Purely political, fairly or unfairly, on DiCarlo’s judgement on Cimino? YOU DECIDE!

As the Redevelopment counsel, Judge (Mr.) Cimino was not dealing with tax issues per se, but his judicial integrity and overall ability for judicial review must be a paramount basis when he was nominated and approved.

First the Governor nominated him. Finally, the Senate approved the nomination, so he must have been worthy of that judicial position.

Judge Mark Cimino.

The Minority Report of West Deptford's photo.

Letter to the Residents of West Deptford-EDITORIAL

As we approach the Fourth of July and remember its importance, the staff of the Minority Report is reflective in its attached letter but also to wish everyone a happy July 4th holiday.

June 29, 2015


Letter to the Residents of West Deptford – EDITORIAL

The Minority Report of West Deptford was created not only to support the efforts of  Committeemen Hansen and Maher to voice an objective, open, and transparent approach to all matters in West Deptford, but also to provide a source of information that may not normally reach other media formats but the information may be important to all residents, regardless of any affiliation, so as to ensure each and everyone’s quality of life is maintained in West Deptford.

It is unfortunate that there are those in our community that continually assault any discussion that is contrary to the current ruling majority on our Township Committee and their decision-making, and they immediately label it as negative and non-productive.

That is why, during the course of many posts that the Minority Reporter inserts either on facebook or on the website information that is supplied for the reader to decide whether what direction or opinion to take after reading the posts.

For those who live their daily lives as responsible and thoughtful individuals and who understand that fiscally sound financial control of our township’s appropriations is not exclusive to any one party affiliation, then the minority report and its staff stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

Remembering the past, the acquisition of debt, and the direct effect on budgetary decisions is not unspeakable. We can’t repeat the past, otherwise West Deptford is doomed to languish in its debt, with a higher tax rate than surrounding communities that are vying for businesses to call home.

Just for a minute, if the annual debt service payment was only half of what West Deptford pays ($10 million). Imagine what could be done with that $5 million? Foremost, a tax reduction, or at least no increase? Improve deteriorating infrastructure, such as sewer lines, and water meters without tax increase or further bonding/adding debt? Recreation, as it is in surrounding communities, is a large part of our community fiber. Rebuild Union Field, not patch-up. Rejuvenate our parks.

West Deptford Township still has greatness to be achieved, but only through sound fiscal, responsible decision-making. The minority report is waiting for bipartisanship from the majority, yet it seems in their majority’s dictionary only bipartisanship from the minority is defined as always agreeing with the majority’s decision. Bipartisanship comes from both sides. For, it is for the betterment of our community. An opposing viewpoint is not negative, yet if one side categorically fails to openly discuss any opposing view then compromise and eventually bipartisanship will not exist.


The Minority Report of West Deptford Editorial Staff

Followup to Storm Recovery……

Other facebook sites are discussing that current ruling majority is handling the situation great with the 2 republicans doing nothing and stop being so melodramatic. Hansen was seen around town as previously noted by resident. Even, former Mayor Chintall was seen on Locksley Wed nite checking on residents.

Melodramatic? That is a very crass statement, even on Facebook. It shows lack of concern, lack of sensitivity for one’s neighbor’s misfortune.If your house was damaged, you are entitled to be upset.

Township leadership is responsible to help residents recover from the storm. Move township assets to help them. Politics has nothing to do with emergency response. Even if an elected official offers a generator or a helping hand to cut a fallen tree, it far exceeds the action of others attending a political fund raiser.

It is unfortunate when things are not done correctly and pointed out then others claim it is only political finger pointing.
Wrong. Leadership should transcend the political ideology in this town. If the leadership is wrong, then it is up to everyone to point it out.

If you recall, there was more outrage about leaf collection than the township’s response to the storm where property was destroyed. That is definitely a A-Ha moment!!

Please stop drinking the kool-aid of politics in WD. If it s wrong, stand up and say it.

The Minority Report of West Deptford's photo.


The Minority Report of West Deptford's photo.

As our community manages to recover, it has been reported many still have no power. So Mayor DiCarlo’s letter about the storm response

can not be seen by those without power. Any other form of notification?
By police? By fire dept.? By leaflet drop at those areas without power? Reverse 911?

Several residents have spoken about the lack of concern for our community’s welfare by the current administration during this storm recovery.

So where is the Mayor? At a scheduled fund raiser at Riverwinds Restaurant. Definitely politics before people. Under the current circumstances, a postponement of the fund raiser would seem appropriate.

Committeeman Hansen was seen out and about serving the community by surveying the situation and offering assistance.
(Committeeman Maher was out of town on business) No other elected official was seen helping our community.

It also has been mentioned on other sites that the reference to this event and how the minority report and others have pointed to the lack of concern by Mayor DiCarlo as politically oriented claims.

It is about leadership, when one really needs it. Regardless of party affiliation.



In the amending of the old loitering ordinance and changing it to a picketing ordinance, both the township solicitor Scaffidi and labor counsel, Miles, worked on the amendment, Scaffidi at $175/hr and Miles at $195/hr. It is unknown what the total cost will be for this proposed ordinance that seemingly will go to court, resulting in more attorney fees.

Scaffidi as the township solicitor has not submitted a bill for his services. NOT ONE BILL

PRO BONO work?

The Minority Report of West Deptford's photo.


The Minority Report of West Deptford's photo.

The Minority Reporter is always looking for good news out of West Deptford. Our community deserves the best, especially out of our elected officials, working together, like Mehaffey and Reid stated right after the election.

They want us to work together,” said Reid. “Talking to people, I heard that they’re tired of the arguments and bickering.” (SJ Times 11-17-14)

“You have to pick a side — Democrat or Republican — in order to run, but after the election, then you work for the people of West Deptford,” said Mehaffey. (SJ Times 11-7-14)…/west_deptford_democrats_talk_bipartisan…

Of course, the spin will be negatively directed to Hansen and Maher for not always agreeing to the ruling majority decision-making.

Isn’t that the way that West Deptford got to be burdened with so much debt? All YES people?

REMEMBER what happened years ago…then YOU DECIDE!

West Deptford Response to Storm

West Deptford and surrounding communities are slowly recovering from the storm damage that occurred Tuesday night around 6 pm.

Mayor DiCarlo responded with a letter to the residents posted on the township’s website:…/Resident%20letter%20-%20Storm…

The timeliness of the posting is appropriate. Most of the supplied information is informative but is lacking to a fully enveloping response for WD residents. The letter sounds more of a “canned county response” than one that should be more responsive to our residents.

Better Response:
1. Rather than be given emergency center addresses in Clayton and East Greenwich, residents in town should have been afforded the use of our fire houses and even Riverwinds Community Center, which has a large emergency power generator that was acquired for such an event and finalized in 2013 from a fully paid grant.
(See page 33 of Township’s minutes for 2-13-13)

2. Those residents that don’t have transportation should have been afforded the use of the township’s bus in order to be transported to a township facility with power, etc.

3. How about contacting the Senior Citizen Club to assist in calling our town’s seniors for a welfare check?…or just be neighborly and just give a kindly reminder in a letter for residents to check on their neighbors. That is what a community is.

Hindsight is 20/20, but good leadership through proper risk assessment and previous preparation and planning should provide help to all residents, and manage township personnel to help in recovery.

Grass cutting the little league field the morning of Wednesday seems misdirected in the proper use of our town’s personnel immediately after a storm. Mayor DiCarlo and Committeeman Reid, who is the chair for public works and recreation, should have directed all personnel to prioritize help in the immediate recovery, removing trees, brush throughout the town.

The Minority Report of West Deptford's photo.



The June 17th Township meeting included action approved by the ruling majority to restrict picketing within the township. Many have stated that either it is a “bad idea” ( ) or is very restrictive ( )

The one point that was not overlooked by Committeeman Maher, when he was interviewed by radio 1210 am talk host Gary R’Nel, (see below video or click on: was the cost of legal review by the Township Solicitor, Tim Scaffidi, and Township Labor Counsel, Mike Miles (Brown & Connery). Though at this point, the total hours remitted by the legal pair for updating/revising the ordinance ( see below) is unknown, Scaffidi rate is $175/hr and Miles is $195/hr. Remember how Mayor DiCarlo commented at the beginning of her term in office that it costs to have qualified personnel. Well, time will tell the high quality of the township’s legal team when the picketing ordinance is contested in court. For our town, many more legal costs.



Picketing Ordinance

Ordinance Amending Chapter 106 Loitering and Picketing_Page_1 - 1 Ordinance Amending Chapter 106 Loitering and Picketing_Page_2 Ordinance Amending Chapter 106 Loitering and Picketing_Page_3 - 1 Ordinance Amending Chapter 106 Loitering and Picketing_Page_4 - 1 Ordinance Amending Chapter 106 Loitering and Picketing_Page_5 - 1