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Chintall vs DiCarlo Record on Local Taxes

What has Mayor DiCarlo done with local tax rate as compared to Mayor Chintall’s 3 yr record?

Before the budget info currently posted on WD website


WD Budget Info as of 072915 highlighted
is changed, here is the current budget displayed as of 07-29-15 with the local tax highlighted.

Note the period from 2012-2014 the total increase for local tax was $81 for avg assessed house, which equates to a yearly average of $27 increase per year. However, for one year, Mayor DiCarlo has raised your local tax on the avg. assessed house by $71, over 2 1/2 times higher just in one year.

Do you really want to give her another chance to raise your tax even more next year?

Chintall’s Campaign Manager Chosen

In addition, former Mayor Chintall has chosen a fine upstanding resident with deep family roots in West Deptford as his campaign manager, Matt Jakubowski. Matt was raised in West Deptford, from a family that has contributed much to our community, loves this town, and as a Millennial in 2015 is fearful his generation may never be able to afford living in West Deptford now and in the future with the current direction of spending by Mayor DiCarlo and her administration.

matt jakubowski_rev

Former Mayor Ray Chintall is Running for Township Committee

Battle of the Mayors, as Chintall says in his campaign, “Leadership Matters”

Here is formal press release from WDGOP Chair Mike McManamy…………….

Chintall Steps Up for the Voters of West Deptford

Former Mayor fills vacant candidacy to fight for the taxpayers of his beloved town.

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mike McManamy, West Deptford GOP Chairman

West Deptford, NJ, July 29, 2015— Due to family obligations, Jamie Padulese, the West Deptford GOP’s candidate for township committee, had to resign from her campaign.

The West Deptford GOP is thrilled to announce that former Mayor and 24-year resident, Ray Chintall, has decided to step to the plate and challenge current Mayor, Denice DiCarlo, for a seat on the township committee.

Chintall’s plans include bringing back the strong fiscal management he implemented during his time in office, representing the best interest of taxpayers and eliminating wasteful spending.

“I have no personal gains to make from being elected to office. But, when I had to sit back and watch the current administration put political gains over the best interest of the taxpayers, I knew I had to do something,” said the retired State Trooper. “My goal is simple, fight to make West Deptford Township an affordable and coveted place to live for future generations. West Deptford is a beautiful town filled with hard working people. Residents deserve local leaders they can trust to make reasonable decisions on their behalf. If elected, I promise to once again be the strong advocate for the taxpayers of this town.”

After just six months in power, Denice DiCarlo’s administration has taken our township to the brink of financial collapse. First, she rushed to pass this year’s budget using the town’s reserves while showing no regard for our infrastructure needs. Our infrastructure is crumbling and DiCarlo is doing nothing to fix it.

In these six short months, we have seen all of our major positions with in the township vacated with replacements handpicked by DiCarlo. These political appointees were awarded handsomely with six-figure salaries. Overall, the poor decisions made by this administration will haunt West Deptford for decades, setting up our taxpayers for major tax increases in the years to come.

In his campaign, Chintall plans to talk to as many concerned residents as possible about these issues and his solutions to help restore West Deptford.


Former Mayor Ray Chintall Letter to Editor of SJ Times re Sunoco Pipeline Proposal Approved by Township Planning Board…/if_john_mccains_not_a_hero_who_is_consi…

Consider West Deptford neighbors of Sunoco pipeline site expansion

To the Editor:

On April 28, the West Deptford Township Planning Board voted 7-2 to allow Sunoco Pipeline LLP to build two 90,000-gallon tanks for a new blending process at its pipeline facility at Jessup Road and Kings Highway.

The approval came in spite of the large number of residents who attended the meeting. More than a dozen vehemently protested the plans due to concerns over traffic, general and pedestrian safety, and the chemical transfer process. This project will have an effect on the quality of life of surrounding residential communities due to anticipated traffic from tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles.

Finally, one resident told the planning board that the blending activity should not be allowed under the site’s current zoning, and that the proposal should have been first heard for a variance by the township’s zoning board. The planning board majority disregarded the overwhelming public opposition.

The current pipeline and tank farm were constructed 50 years ago when fewer residential properties were nearby. Sunoco told the board that the project would bring an additional 13 to 20 trucks a day between October and March, to transport a petroleum product, to blend seasonally into gasoline currently in the above-ground pipeline. The two large tanks will be constructed to house the pentane.

Why this facility? Did Sunoco notice the more recent buildup of homes in the area, besides the original Green-Fields, Rolling Brook Farms and Sherwoods developments, since construction of its facility more than 50 years ago? Did it consider the effect on the quality of life for those residents? There is nothing in the board’s approval to limit a further increase of traffic to the site beyond the claimed 20 trucks a day.

Business development in West Deptford is important. But, what is the cost and benefit to our community? This proposal brings no benefits in jobs or township revenue. Actually, it may cost the township even more to maintain that portion of Jessup Road, a township street that was not constructed to handle heavier truck traffic.

Raymond Chintall
West Deptford Township

Editor’s note: The writer is a former West Deptford Township mayor.Sunoco Logistics



No 3% reduction on sewer bill?

Once again, Mayor DiCarlo states in her letter included with your tax bill about the 3% reduction in water. Remember how she claimed in her SPOTLIGHT and in her budget presentation about 3% reduction in water AND sewer.
For the average /minimal user of water the 3% reduction in your water bill is about $2.50 per year.


HASN’T SHE EXPLAINED WHY SHE HASN’T INCLUDED SEWER? Aren’t you a little curious why she hasn’t told the residents on her “broken” promise?

She stated the average assessed home would see a $71 increase. Of course, any increase, especially for our seniors on a fixed income, is devastating.
Avg. assessed taxpayer just received a $295 increase.



What’s Next?
What promises will be broken by our Mayor DiCarlo?

Stabilizing taxes?
Residents have to cut personal living expenses, like eating at local diners, restaurants. That really helps the local economy.
Seniors didn’t receive a 5% raise in their benefits. (for 2015, 1.7%)

Who really received a 5% increase in their yearly household income to offset the tax increase?

And Mayor DiCarlo spouts off about maintaining essential services. But at what cost to the taxpayer? 3.5 cent increase, overall 5% increase on your property taxes.

What’s next?
For Riverwinds Development – Tax credits, PILOTs, one time gimmicks?


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe who is the chosen Riverwinds developer to grow? ( Riverwinds Redevelopment Area)

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe who is the chosen Riverwinds developer to grow? ( Riverwinds Redevelopment Area)

Three proposals for the redevlopment of Riverwinds have been received by the Township. Mayor DiCarlo is encouraged by the response.…/store-riverwin…/30303669/

What is the encouragement?

What will be the overall benefit for our community, rather than a few that have benefited by past decisions for this area?

What will be the financial impact on our community? Will we be sold the same bill of goods as over 15 years ago? Yet, we are paying dearly more in our taxes. ( see the Local Purpose Tax Rate Projection graph)

Do the proposals include tax abatements, and/or PILOTs, that severely impacted our community’s need for revenue to offset any future tax increase?

Though not a scientific poll, Is Mayor DiCarlo and the other committee members looking at the poll responses? No to hotel. Favorable to commercial properties ( that create jobs and revenue for our town).

RW proposed tax rate

CP Poll RW_072415

What is status of the Rt 45 Sewer Pipeline?

What is the Delay in the Rt 45 pipeline repair?


Rt45 pipeline1

As stated by the Township Engineer, Ed Steck, T&M Engineering several months ago that the sewer line along Rt 45 from Ogden Station Rd to 1st completely broken,…….

“We can’t fix it with a lining, because in many places there’s nothing left to line,” said Stack.’…/borrow_or_tax_west_deptford_debates_inf…

raw sewage is probably leaking into the soil while this Township administration has not finalized the approval of the contractor ROOT 24 to fix the pipe. Since the ground in that area is a gradual slope downward from Ogden to 1st, is it possible that the Mantua Creek at the bottom of that grade is being contaminated by the sewage leaking from the pipeline?

Where is the State DEP checking on this, if in fact as Mr. Steck indicated, were notified?

Isn’t this a subject matter our own Environmental Commission should be discussing?

Since Mayor DiCarlo moved over a million dollars out of the Water/Sewer Operating Budget Surplus to offset any additional tax increase in this year’s Township Budget, is there enough money to make these infrastructure repairs in the Township this year?

Is Mayor DiCarlo delaying the repair process until the cash flow from the new tax rates arrives in August/September when the 2015-2016 tax bills are mailed out to the residents?

Is that also why Mayor DiCarlo earlier referred to possibly borrowing money for infrastructure repairs but she has not yet due to the obvious reason that the borrowing is necessary because of lack of adequate funds for those type of repairs, like Rt 45 pipeline?

Is this even an important issue to consider, to inform you about, to be very concerned about?

Where is the outrage from our community?

Does this show the true nature of concern by the ruling majority of this administration for the residents/businesses that are near that Rt 45 pipeline?

A lot of questions, all while raw sewage is leaking into the ground, and maybe into the Mantua Creek.


An AHA Moment

An AHA Moment

Aha moment

Previous Administrator……… $95,000
Current Administrator……….$135,000

Previous Solicitor in 2014….    $145/hr
Current Solicitor……………….$175/hr

Still in debt over $100 million, sewer/water still in turmoil, raised taxes 3.5 cents, with the av assessed house seeing a $295 increase in property taxes…

AHA Moment
for the current administration……SPEND, SPEND, SPEND

SNAPSHOT of Township Meeting on July 15th


For a quick review of the the township’s meeting, as a result of a 3-2 majority vote on both of the following issues:

Hired new Township administrator, Deborah Turner-Fox, at $135K plus benefits.
Ms Turner-Fox was the former Exec Dir of Salem Co Improvement Auth with a reported salary in the low to mid $80K

1 2