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QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS COST MORE…and take longer to receive for payment

Mayor DiCarlo’s statement that qualified professionals cost more is so evident by her appointments of solicitor, @ $175/hr, and the recent hiring of the new administrator, @$135,000. (in 2011, she was hired by Salem County Improvement Authority at $78,500.…/…/03/deborah_turner-fox_named_execu.html. )

As a self-acclaimed financial expert with a CPA degree, Mayor DiCarlo, is allowing the township solicitor to submit his monthly bills in an untimely fashion. His January bill ($16,309) and February bill ($18,327) totaling $34,637 was paid on August 6, 2015.

At the August 5th township meeting, Mr. Scaffidi submitted the March bill for $26,000.Wow, wonder what April will bring.

At this payment rate, the solicitor’s bills from August through December will be paid next year. Oops, his track record for doing such things is evident by looking at his other solicitor position in Westville. October 2014 bills were being paid in February 2015.

Mayor DiCarlo was always concerned about reconciling the finance books. How is that possible when submitted solicitor’s billings are received over 4 months late.


scaffidi jan feb bills0001



“Dog days of summer” is synonymous for the heat wave expected this week. Similarly, “Spend, spend, spend” is synonymous with what Mayor DiCarlo represents.

For example, this year’s Summer Concerts is not free to the taxpayers of West Deptford. 2015 costs, including the upcoming Fun Day concert on Sept. 15th, are $35,900. Police O/T costs was not available, but last year’s totaled over $5,900 for the concerts. Receipt of business sponsorships for this year totaled $18,600, as of 8/27/15. Vending fees received totaled $4,500.

Therefore, costs for 2015 summer concerts are $35,900, whereas revenue received from sponsors and fees totaled $23,100.

OVER $12,000 comes from the taxpayers of West Deptford.

So, 2015 summer concerts, at least for the taxpayers of West Deptford, ARE NOT FREE !.

In comparison, last year 2014 costs, including itemized bill for police O/T ($5,900), was $34, 957. Revenue received from sponsors ($32,600) and vending fees ($5,217) totaled $37,417.

As matter of fact, a Recreation Trust fund was created in 2014 for the additional money left over from the summer concerts and summer rec programs.


While you lament over the property tax increase and the extra amount you have to pay this year, consider the following “assessment” of your property values.

Since the Gloucester County has implemented the county pilot program, many large commercial properties in West Deptford have reaped the benefit of very large tax appeals .

Why is this a concern for the residents of West Deptford? The reduction of the overall tax base, particularly from the industrial/commercial property values, which make up approximately 40% of the township’s tax base, hurt the amount of taxes that provide revenue for services provided by the township.

In April, in an article in the Phila. Inq., praise was abound for the county program. But at whose reward and at whose expense?…/60947596_1_county-office-pilot…

Recent tax appeal awards from the county highlight the continued drain of the tax base that started in 2012.

Southwood Shopping Center, on June 17, 2015, was awarded a 32% reduction by the county in its property value, as a result of appealing taxes for years 2011-2014.…

Southwood Tax

Unsurprisingly, this is not abnormal for the township in recent years. Johnson-Matthey, one of the largest businesses in West Deptford, with regards to its property tax, saw a substantial 60% reduction its its tax base in 2013, a $38 million reduction in property value, going from $63 million to $24.6 million.

In real dollars, if that property was still assessed at the $63 million today at the current tax rate, the township would see an additional $1 million in tax revenue. Approximately, a penny increase in taxes equates to approx quarter million dollars, so the tax increase would have been eliminated.

JM tax

Where has been the outcry from Mayor DiCarlo and her administration for the tax appeals, past and present?

summer concerts – expense to taxpayers, again?

Are we as taxpayers back to paying for the “FREE” summer concerts at Riverwinds?
Apparently, the sign above the stage at the amphitheater at Riverwinds indicated that the Friday night concert, Sensational Soul Cruisers, were sponsored by the township, the taxpayers.
(Photo from next day)

Summer Concert_080815
What happened? Previous couple years, the summer concerts were no expense to the township taxpayers. During that time, who oversaw that process that we didn’t pay more out of our pockets for concerts that are frequent by more non-residents than just a few residents of West Deptford?
Sign from last year depicts the sponsorship by businesses, not the township.

RW Concert-2014