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A stroll down memory lane...

A stroll down memory lane…

Who has Mayor DiCarlo really represented for the last several years?

Is her concern for all 22,000 residents, regardless of party affiliation, or is she only concerned about the party machine that controlled West Deptford for years prior to 2011?

After her win in 2012 against Jeff Hansen, as reported by the West Deptford Patch on 11/06/12, DiCarlo said in her victory speech. “This is our town and we need to get it back.”

“This is our town” ? Isn’t your town? Isn’t it everyone’s town? Are we not all West Deptford Pride? Why is it exclusive for one group in West Deptford?

Why did she state “… we need to get it back.” From what or better yet To what? to spending? She is doing that very well. To increase our taxes? Check your tax bill.

Where is that statement of working for all residents? Bipartisanship?



Our Sewer Infrastructure Failing Greater than what is being told?

This past Friday night around 830 pm, two large septic/vac trucks from Root24, were seen pumping raw sewage from the sewer pump house behind Kingswick apartments and then emptying the contents into a sewer manhole on Princeton Avenue.

Another pump failing?

Is this connected to the large hole and repair of the sewer line along Kings Hwy across from the Westwood Mews professional bldgs in March of this year?

Sewer dig_Mar 15

Remember, as this goes on, $1.155 million was moved out of the sewer/water utility surplus to offset a greater tax increase this year’s budget.

Besides smelling the stench as you drive in those areas, do you “smell” a shortage of funding that may require a rate increase or a request from the township to the state Local Finance Board to borrow between $4-5 million, as the Mayor thought was prudent?

Remember Mayor DiCarlo stated as reported in the SJ Times article on May 8th, “DiCarlo and her fellow Democrats in the majority said they favor borrowing the money to fund infrastructure improvements. According to the mayor, the township can borrow up to $4.7 million for the projects. The township engineer has previously estimated there are $1.4 million in need infrastructure improvements pending in West Deptford”…/west_deptford_approves_2015_budget_with…

Furthermore, our Committeeman Reid reflected on that subject:
“Democratic Committeeman Adam Reid defended his party’s plan, praising DiCarlo for reducing the expected tax rate increase from 5.7 cents to 3.5 cents. He added that funding infrastructure improvements through bonds would be preferable to using tax dollars exclusively.
“Raising that money through taxation would be foolish,” he said. “We can raise it in bonds.”
(SJ Times, 4-18-15)…/borrow_or_tax_west_deptford_debates_inf…

Who pays debt?

We the residents do.
Adding more debt means adding more taxation down the road.


This questionnaire, like in the past administration of Mayor Docimo, arrives just before the election. In the opinion of the Minority Report staff, It seems to be a product of the Democratic Chair Mr. White political chess match in the upcoming election. Yet, it is produced as a community driven questionnaire from your tax dollars.
Many of the questions are community based. However, several questions particularly ask about the performance of the township government, and can be construed as politically slanted / poll taking, like question #9: “How are you satisfied with the current direction of the township?” rather than state the question as How are you satisfied with the direction of the township?

Historically, have you ever seen the results from past evaluations? No one on the Minority Staff can recall.
Where is that transparency in government?

Also, though Mayor DiCarlo acknowledges the other township committee members, as she states “On behalf of”, the official heading of township correspondence listing the other four members is not included in her opening letter.Were the other township committee members aware of this questionnaire being mailed and did they have any input into the format or questions and their relevance?

Why does the evaluation suspiciously arrive just prior to election?
Is this questionnaire unbiased or politically bias?
Was all members of the committee afforded the opportunity for review and input into the questionnaire.
Will we see the results?

As a newly sworn in Mayor in January, don’t you think DiCarlo should have mailed this survey at that time to find out what is important to the residents she serve or is this survey self-serving?



survey letter0001

survey letter0002


survey letter0003








In July, Minority Report wrote about the lack of any coverage by the SJ Times staff this year at Township meetings.

Two West Deptford residents have a good laugh this past Monday at the Times open house.
Picture says a thousand words,

owens and sweeney open hse…/south_jersey_times_holds_open_house_at_…

So at current township meetings, everything in the township is all “positive with real progress”, if you follow the phrase:
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Post (Report) No Evil



Fall is Approaching
Leaves are dropping, and so are political lawn signs.
Particularly, Mayor DiCarlo’s signs are in view around town.

Interesting slogan she has posted about leadership.
How does that saying go, Imitation is the best form of flattery?
We at the Minority Report recognized that Ray Chintall posted his slogan several weeks ago, saying “Leadership Matters” on August 18th on his facebook page…/…/…

The question posed for the reader of this post, is what positive leadership has she displayed? And what real progress has been made?

Real Progress: increase in professional fees? Tax increase? Moved money out of water/sewer utility budget to offset a higher tax increase, at same time depleting the money for major infrastructure repairs of our crumbling water/sewer system?

Is that also positive leadership? Telling us that she would reduce our sewer/water rates by 3%, yet only implemented a 3% reduction in water, which means for the average user of water $2.50 savings per year.

YOU DECIDE! November 3rd


DiCarlo lawn signYard Sign - PROOF 1 (2)


Review of Summer Rec Program in West Deptford

In the past, as a Committeewoman, DiCarlo was very critical on the increase in fees for the summer rec program. Just over one year ago, in July, 2014, she claimed that the summer rec program should be available to all. “DiCarlo said that, five years ago, the summer recreation program had been free for all township youths, adding that she would a support a return to such a system.”…/west_deptford_committeewoman_denice_dic…

Even Committeeman Reid, who championed the benefit of the program and was also critical in its past operation, as evident in his campaign info last year: ” Last summer, after raising rates, the recreation program profited thousands of dollars. How did the majority respond this summer? By raising the rates again and shortening the program. It pains me to see the recreation program turned into a money grab at the expense of hardworking families. Growing up in West Deptford, I benefited greatly from prior administration’s commitment to recreation. And while working as a counselor at rec, I saw firsthand the positive impact the program can have on our community’s youth. I want the residents to know that our children are my top priority”…/west_deptford_committee_candidates_answ…

Keep in mind that Committeeman Reid oversaw the program and other recreation programs, since he is the township’s designated chairperson of the Department of Public Works and Recreation.
Wasn’t the 2015 program shortened, under his direction, contrary to his complaint last year?

Let’s review how the program was run this year.
Last year, the SIX (6) week program cost $300 per person to participate, i.e. $50/wk. This year, the program ran for only FIVE (5) weeks at $300 person, i.e. $60/wk. Less rec time and cost more per week.

Second point was the number of children participating. Last year,
over 207 participated. This year, according to the Township’s Fun Day Newsletter mailed out and online ( ) 160 children participated in 2015.

So, despite the Mayor’s criticism, as well Committeeman Reid’s of the summer rec program in previous 3 years, this year, 2015, under her control, in comparison to 2014, the per week cost increased 20% while the attendance declined 23%.

So far, Mayor DiCarlo’s criticism of past 3 years is ringing empty due to her current course of action, with the summer rec program and many other township matters. So, maybe that is the REAL TRUTH of how DiCarlo/Reid/Mehaffey run our government.


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