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Township Meeting November 4, 2015 Highlights

Docuvault, who is relocating into a new building in Mid-Atlantic Park, was approved by the Township Committee for a 5 year tax abatement, via Dack Holdings, LLC.

Tax abatement is better than a PILOT, where the schools are completely left out of any funds. Yet, so is controlling spending, and in return stabilize our taxes without huge increases. Thus, potential commercial prospectives moving to West Deptford may not need tax abatements, which slow the reduction of our town’s debt service.

Of course, enticing more business come to West Deptford via long range tax abatements is one for argument.


The staff at the Minority Report acknowledge the win by Mayor DiCarlo in the recent election for another 3 year term on the township committee with the presumption of being appointed as Mayor again by her fellow Democratic colleagues in 2016.

Though the voter turnout was less than 1/3 of registered voters in town, the usual Democrat vote overwhelms the minority vote of registered Republicans and the few if any unaffiliated voters who are interested in local issues, like their property taxes.

The Minority Report will carefully review the future actions of the Mayor as she ends this term in 2015, and she begins anew in 2016, with the same issues that strangle our town: debt service over $100 million dollars, rising property taxes, aging infrastructure, and she remembers that she represents all of 22,000 residents, regardless of any affiliation, with open, transparent, and bipartisanship government. This is everybody’s town. You don’t need to take it back, just do it right for all.

We will be watching.

Watchful Eagle

West Deptford – Top 20 List of Toxic NJ Towns


Recently, the Patch (…/175-most-toxic-towns-new-jersey-west-dep… ) posted the top 175 most toxic towns in NJ. West Deptford is listed at #18.

The leading contributor for toxic wastes in West Deptford is Johnson-Matthey, which is listed as #11 in the state for the toxic onsite releases. (… )

JM listing in NJ


JM Breakdown of Toxic Release-2013

Hopefully the huge tax break Johnson-Matthey received in 2013, (over a 61% decrease in tax assessment of the property from $63 million reduced to $24 million, less than in previous assessed 2011 ), will be utilized to safeguard our quality of life in West Deptford and maintain their goal of sustainability of zero waste.

Johnson-Matthey tax assessment
Let’s speed the process up, (cough- cough) Johnson-Matthey.

Let’s hope the leadership on our governing body pays attention to this unfortunate listing.