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wd-education-costs2Where Your Taxes Go

47% of your property taxes go to the West Deptford Township school system. Yet, much of the dismay of rising taxes is directed toward the local and county taxes. Much of the misdirected fervor of increased taxes from the school costs generally is the public view on the importance of a “good” education for our children, and the cost is secondary. Overall, Minority Report agrees that education is the key to one’s success.

But, are we getting the best bang for our buck? Recently, many residents have stated that the quality of education in West Deptford has declined in the last several years. Our school rankings, as posted on the SJ Times in 2015, indicate West Deptford’s ranking in the State’s School Performance Reports.

And, in the recent WD Patch article, the median salary for a WD teacher is ranked #70 in the state, at $73,299, while Haddonfield, a town that WD is compared with on a frequent basis on the quality of education, is ranked #469 for median salary at $56,837. Haddonfield has a higher percentage of graduates at 96% compared to 91% for WD.

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How Much of Our Taxes Go to Paying Debt Service?

How Much of Our Taxes Go to Paying Debt Service?

Recently, a concerned resident submitted the following to the MR.

Attached is a description of how much of our local tax revenue goes to debt. Debt service is approximate one third of our budget but almost half of our taxes go to repaying it off, if one excludes other forms of revenue into the township general fund. Fortunately, we have other revenue to offset all costs within the budget.



Did you know…?


Gloucester County assesses every property within the county. No town in Gloucester County has a municipal tax assessor.  See:


For the year 2016, West Deptford Township is ranked #4 in Net Valuation for taxable property.  See:

2016 Net Valuation Taxable rev

West Deptford tax base is $2,248,313,928. Over two billion dollars is the taxable value of the property in West Deptford.  Approximately, 40% of our tax base is commercial/industrial. The positive point of that information is that commercial/industrial properties generally impact municipal services at a lower cost, i.e. no negative impact on school services. Therefore, our local rate should be lower than many Gloucester County towns with a lesser amount of commercial/industrial taxable. And, this current year our overall tax rate is 2.918, fifth lowest in the county: Logan Twp. is the lowest with a rate of 2.180. See:

Can or should our tax rate be better? Our tax base is twice the size of Logan, yet Logan’s tax rate is substantially lower than ours. Our demand of yearly payments of approximately $10 million to debt service severely impacts West Deptford’s budget and ultimately our tax rate.

And the County, the tax assessor,  hasn’t been helping with our tax base for the last few years. We have lost over 17% of our tax base due to the reassessment of properties in West Deptford. One prime example is the commercial property of Johnson-Matthey, who received a 60% reduction in their property value in 2013

Johnson-Matthey tax frate

as well as many other commercial properties, and residential, saw a reduction in value in recent years.

Look at the explanation from the School Board PowerPoint presentation for this year’s budget and how the reduction in our tax base affected the school budget.

WDBOE-Tax base


Wake-up West Deptford

Well # 3 has been closed since early 2014. Well #8, a well that taps into the lower aquifer, was shutdown last fall. Both were closed to PFNA contamination.

Meanwhile, Paulsboro had a contaminated well with PFNA, took Solvay to court, and Solvay installed a filtration system for their well #7 in 2015, (…/57711003_1_filtration-pfna-sol… )

and recently agreed to a settlement to test Paulsboro residents’ blood ( Courier-Post 3/31/16:…/solvay-paulsbo…/82479794/ )

And what is West Deptford doing? Testing our water? How did Paulsboro take on Solvay and solve their water problem, yet is the current WD administration afraid of taking on Solvay in court and possibly losing the tax revenue if Solvay, third largest tax payer in WD, threatens to pull up stakes?

top 10 taxpayers 2016 in WD

Where is the outcry from the Delaware RiverKeepers that clamored about well #3 in 2014?
Where is the concern from the residents at township meetings?

Water is precious !

water faucet


RWCC Crumbling

RW roof_04-01-16

Photo shows several areas of the roof above the swimming pool crumbling as the fascia boards are rotting away as well as the windows are rusting.

When the administrator was advised of the condition, she responded that “we are aware of it.”

Sounds reassuring.
BTW, membership is declining, and the operating budget is in the red; i.e. residents are incurring the additional costs instead of the revenue from membership, rentals, etc.

Sounds reassuring.
Save some more of your pennies for repairs in near future

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2016 WEST DEPTFORD BUDGET to be INTRODUCEDDenice and Budget-2016

Wednesday night, March 30th, @ 8p the 2016 budget for WD will be introduced at a special township meeting

So far, proposed budgets of local municipal, county, and school budgets for 2016 are pointing to a 14 cent increase per $100 of property value. A property valued at $200,000 will see an approx. $280 tax increase at the proposed tax rate by all three authorities for this year. Local was initially indicating a 5 cent increase**, county a 1.5 cent increase (…/gloucester_county_budget_includes_15-ce… ), and school a 7.5 cent increase (according to prelim budget presentation)

Last year, we saw a 14.5 cent increase. Tax rate for 2014/2015 was 2.773 vs. 2015/2016 current rate at 2.918.

Whatever the final tax rate is established, save your pennies for the new tax bill in August !!

**UPDATE: Introduced budget has a 4.5 cent increase in local tax