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Local Municipal Taxes Increase by 6.5% this year, while we saw a 4.2% last year. That’s over 10% increase in last two years of Dem control of our township.

Questions you have to honestly ask yourself:
-Can you afford that increase?
-Did your income increase by 6% this year, or 10% in the last 2 years?
-Do you feel the township committee and their control of the town’s expenses is appropriate and justified?
-What happen to the Mayor DiCarlo’s declaration of medical benefit savings, the savings taking over National Park police service? Where are those savings?

Can you afford another 4-6% rise in local taxes in 2017?
Democrat control of our local government potentially means a 6% increase in taxes. Look at chart of committee control

Remember: YOU DECIDE


Twp Cmte Control-2016 Twp Cmte Control-2016