Do You Hear an Increase in School Taxation?

On Feb 23, on the Democrat side, Senate President Sweeney conducted a short forum on the school funding issue and how it applies to West Deptford. Of course, WD is being shortchanged by $2.7 million, receiving only 84% out of the school formula. Less than 50 people, including those at dais, were in attendance. Reason why? Meeting was scheduled to convene at 430p. Where are the vast majority of WD residents at that time? Working?

You should care. First the education of our children is important. Secondly, your property tax is comprised of 47% going to school budget’

And, on the Republican side, Governor Christie’s budget reveals no increase in school funding. WD is listed at #115 receiving $12.1, which is a 0.00%. Oh, by the way, WD teachers are in negotiations for increase in benes, compensation.

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