A Difference in Policy with Township Finances and How It Impacts Residents.

Currently, after review of the 2016 Annual Financial Statement, posted on Township website


a surplus of $2, 773,929.69 was available at the end of 2016. A review of the introduced 2017 budget indicates that $734,176.37 will be utilized in this year’s budget, resulting in over $2 million remaining in reserve.

If only additional $811,543.81, which is the increase in revenue by taxation, was added to the usable surplus in this year’s budget, the probability of no tax increase is possible. However, the surplus remaining would be just over $1.2 million.

The difference in strict fiscal control of township appropriations, as demonstrated by previous administration, versus current administration view of available money, for uses other than essential services, is determined by the residents (election process)and how they view their property taxation.

Basic question for any resident:
Out of the $2.77 million surplus, would you rather see additional amount to be used in place of an increase in taxation, or would you rather accept the tax increase and accept the current administration explanation that surplus amount is available for whatever expenditure deemed “necessary” by the Committee?


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