Follow-up to Editorial on Selling Utility

Minority Reporter has responded to comments on facebook.

Here are those responses

The Minority Report of West Deptford Don Troxell According to the posted water report from the Township, 48% of WD drinking water comes from NJ American Water (ground water from wells in PRM aquifer and Delaware River treatment plant in Deltan ) and is blended with our well water

The Minority Report of West Deptford Don Troxell Ina perfect world, WD has sufficient wells to supply the township with water. During Whitman’s reign as Governor required the addition of another water supply, i.e. NJAM, to reduce impact on the PRM aquifer. Originally, WD supply from NJAM was approx 30-35%. In recent years, several of WD wells have been determined to be contaminated with PFNA and need a costly charcoal filtration system. Sewer pumps are failing. Each pump to be replaced cost over $1 million. Several major sewer lines have intrusion of river water into the system. The Jessup Rd. water tank has been estimated to cost $2 million to paint. All of this costs money to repair and/or replace. Two things are obstructing the Township to continue service of its utility:1) the large debt service of over $96 million and possible inability to borrow(bonding),and secondly current admin transferred surplus money out of the utility budget for the last 2 years to help with the overall Twp budget. In a perfect world……

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