Bad News Good News

Let’s get the BAD NEWS out of the way first.

According to recent review of home prices in the Philly Metro market, WD has seen a 23% decline from 2015-2016 , whereas Gloucester County has seen a 17% decline in the last ten years.…/As-Philly-housing-market-forges-ahe…

The report did not specify the cause of decline in WD.
Increase in distressed properties?
Local tax increase of over 10% for the last 2 years (2015-2016)?

On to the GOOD NEWS….THE EAGLES HAVE LANDED in West Deptford

Now, that depends on one’s viewpoint: if you are a lover of nature, a bird watcher, that may be good news to those who observe bald eagles nesting in the proximity of the Riverwinds Community Center.

However, for the Township administration, the proximity of the nest to the outdoor auditorium, where many activities are performed, such as concerts, fireworks, the nest may be bad news. Under the Federal U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, Bald Eagles Management Guidelines defines “disturb”: Seasonal restrictions can prevent the potential impacts of many shorter-term, obtrusive activities that do not entail landscape alterations (e.g. fireworks, outdoor concerts) ( p.10,…/NationalBaldEagleManagementGuidelines…)

Buffer area is recommended at 660 ft.…/eagleguideli…/constructionnesting.html

Let’s hope our Township administration take precautions to protect the West Deptford Eagles.

Possible Impact on West Deptford by Loss of Top Taxpayer

What does it mean when Axeon departs WD?

Axeon is one of the top taxpayers, contributing over $2.1 million to revenue by taxation (See Assessment Report), that is, Axeon pays over 10% of WD revenue by taxation ( See WD 2016 Budget, Revenue by Taxation highlighted- for 2016 revenue by taxation was over $20 million.)

Let’s hope our state legislators intercede to prevent this closure.
Yet, the changing face of the petrochemical industry in West Deptford and the loss of large amounts of taxes by these closures or downsizing severely impacts our town.

The solution is only resolved by Township Committee action to proper fiscal control of all appropriations in the township with the loss of revenue on the horizon.

As a footnote and a reminder, we are still paying almost one third of our budget to debt payments ( approx $9.4 million- see attached sheet 27 from 2016 budget )


The Good:

Lamatek, Inc located in the Forest Parkway Industrial Park, off of Mantua Grove Road, in West Deptford, announced expansion of its operation, which may involve additional employment of 20 workers in the coming years.…/2…/02/lamatek_expands_manufacturing.html

The Bad:

Axeon Specialty products, formerly NuStar Asphalt Refining, LLC is planning to shut down its operation that is situated in Paulsboro and West Deptford. For West Deptford, that may be a loss of over $2.19 M taxes; for Paulsboro, loss of $1.4 M. Reportedly, 100 jobs may be lost.…/reuters-america-axeon-plans-to-shutte…

The Ugly:

Besides the loss of jobs for our area, especially many of those jobs performed by WD residents, the potential loss of one of the top tax payers in the Township will adversely affect everyone.

Let’s watch how our Township Committee approach the pending closure and possible loss of revenue for this year’s budget, 2017, or for 2018.

Is it time to watch the purse strings and display fiscal constraint in budgetary matters?

What’s New in West Deptford?

Taxes Going Up?
Jobs? Leaving WD?

If you answered YES to both, you are probably correct on the first and accurate on the second.

Comcast is closing their warehouse operations in the Industrial Park and 88 jobs will be lost.

In addition, a company that came to WD in 2013 ……
(…/cnbnews-spotlight-on-zo… )
is reducing their personnel by 65 workers.

Not good for the economy in WD.
Loss of 153 jobs.…/comcast-zoo-pr…/97160860/

Maybe, Mayor DiCarlo, as a controller in the Comcast business Services, has some positive influence on preventing the loss of jobs in WD.

So far, WD is going in the wrong direction.



N.J.S.A. 10:4-14. Minutes of meetings; availability to public

For those who want to be informed of what time frame to approve Township meetings………

Each public body shall keep reasonably comprehensible minutes of all its meetings showing the time and place, the members present, the subjects considered, the actions taken, the vote of each member, and any other information required to be shown in the minutes by law, which shall be promptly available to the public to the extent that making such matters public shall not be inconsistent with [N.J.S.A. § 10:4-12].

No hard and fast definition of “promptly available” exists. In one case, a court determined that promptly available meant two weeks following any regular meeting

New Jersey cases regarding “prompt” public access to meeting minutes

The Sen. Byron M. Baer Open Public Meetings Act (N.J.S.A. 10:4-14) requires public bodies to make their meeting minutes “promptly available.” But, what does this mean?

Here are the cases that shed some light on this question.


Liebeskind v. Mayor and Municipal Council of Bayonne, 265 N.J. Super. 389, 394-395 (App. Div. 1993). The Appellate Division did not take issue with the trial court’s order that required the Bayonne City Council to make “copies of final meeting minutes . . . available for inspection within two weeks after each meeting and at least three business days before the next meeting.”

Matawan Regional Teachers Association v. Matawan-Aberdeen Regional Board of Education, 212 N.J.Super. 328 (Law Div. 1986). The court interpreted the statutory requirement of making the minutes available “promptly” in light of the Meetings Act’s policy “favoring public involvement in almost every aspect of government.” Id. at 330. The court held that making minutes promptly available implements the Act’s overall purpose by, among other things, “[p]roviding all persons with the opportunity to take action prior to the next meeting of the public body.” Id. at 331.



Mayor DiCarlo has consistently throughout her term as a Committee member and as Mayor evoked the concept of transparency in government.
That, government SHOULD be transparent, we can agree on. Without transparency, there is no accountability.

Yet, it seems it goes on deaf ears and action with her administration in the past, especially last year, when several months passed by without the Township Committee approving minutes from July, 2016 to November, 2016, until on December 7, 2016, they were approved by a vote of 3-2. Committeemen Maher and Hansen were dissenting votes, whereas Committeeman Maher stated, “questioned the length of time and process needed to place the minutes on the agenda for approval by the committee.”…/December%207%202016%20meeting…

Take note that the Administrator explained after Committeeman Maher questioned the length.

Don’t you think that in this instance that the administrator’s explanation for the delay should have been written in the minutes?

Is this transparency? Accountability?
With a 5-0 committee, are we to witness consent agenda with little discussion?




Recently, WD residents received a bulk mailing flyer regarding the upcoming fun day this month. How much did this cost in using the USPS rather than utilizing email addresses, social media?


Take in account that WD has six zip codes for the approx. 9000 homes. (2010 Census). Bulk mailing, if delivered to the 6 zip codes, eventually over 20,000 non-West Deptford addresses would receive this mailing.

Note, there may be a savings of using bulk mailing rather than mailing to each WD address. But does this administration look at overall cost savings, using the cheaper internet rather than USPS?

The savings of mailings could be appropriated to offset the total cost of Fun Day, which is included in your taxes.

Your money, your taxes

6 zip codes:
08051- Mantua, West Deptford
08063-Natl Park, West Deptford
08066-Paulsboro, West Deptford
08086-Thorofare, West Deptford
08093-Westville, West Deptford
08096-Woodbury, Deptford, West Deptford


COST CUTTING- Good Fiscal Control of Your Tax Money

In Comparison
In 2012, the Republican controlled government eliminated the mailing of the Township calendar, saving over $12,000 per year.


Local Municipal Taxes Increase by 6.5% this year, while we saw a 4.2% last year. That’s over 10% increase in last two years of Dem control of our township.

Questions you have to honestly ask yourself:
-Can you afford that increase?
-Did your income increase by 6% this year, or 10% in the last 2 years?
-Do you feel the township committee and their control of the town’s expenses is appropriate and justified?
-What happen to the Mayor DiCarlo’s declaration of medical benefit savings, the savings taking over National Park police service? Where are those savings?

Can you afford another 4-6% rise in local taxes in 2017?
Democrat control of our local government potentially means a 6% increase in taxes. Look at chart of committee control

Remember: YOU DECIDE


Twp Cmte Control-2016 Twp Cmte Control-2016

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